Frequently Ask Questions

What can this program analyze?
This program analyzes and finds current trend in the past and provides a forecast for the current trend. This is applicable in the stock market, finance, accounting, meteorology, and other professional fields. Be creative.

How to get started?
The video below will provide a visual aid on what to do next:

Where to get csv file?
Google searching for historical data on stocks will give you many results, among those are, and These sites will allow you to download the files in csv format. Be aware that Yahoo Finance organizes their csv file with latest dates at the top and recent dates at the bottom.

How should the csv file be organized?
The csv file should be organized with recent dates at the top and latest dates at the bottom.

What to select for x-axis in the settings?
You should select "dates" as your x-axis. For more advance uses, an independent chronological variable will be the x-axis.

How to cancel my subscription?
Login to your account, from home page click manage tab, and click cancel button. However, subscriptions that are less than 1 day old cannot be cancel, only 24 hours after the purchase.

Will I receive a refund?
There will be no full refunds. Refunds are based on prorated system. You are able to cancel your subscription at any time after the first 24 hour period.